Get the best advice – from yourself

Career advice, advice in life or a completely different kind of advice. There is a lot of advice to be had, and it can come from many places, but none of them are probably as good as the advice you give others. It is when we advise others that we give ourselves the best advice. Get an insight into what it means to give advice and get better at giving yourself the best advice.

fda Can you come up with the worst advice you’ve been given? Is it from yourself? fda It probably isn’t. We tend to seek advice from, for example, colleagues who have time, rather than those who have the right skills or experience. And even if we went to the best, the chance that the council […]

It is your values that ensure the company’s goals – not the company’s values

It is not the company's values that help you in your goals, but the employees' individual values… and here many of us stumble. In this blog post you will get knowledge about how those values interact with those decided by the employers, and how you can explore your own values.

How easy is it for you or your colleagues to repeat the company’s values? Probably not very easy without looking. Maybe you hope that everyone in the organisation works according to the values. That the values ​​support the vision. fda And here lies an essential point. The vision is what we talk about, preferably believe […]

Welcome new ideas with psychological security

In some workplaces, it feels safest to keep quiet about one’s ideas or concerns. But it hinders innovation. Read here how to get the dialogue going and create psycological security, so that it is safe to go to work while at the same time both the employees and the organisation develop. fda Do you encourage […]

How to strengthen well-being in the transition back to the workplace

What worked extra well during the lockdown? And which things are you looking forward to waving goodbye to? Read how you can work with your well-being and work culture right now in the transition from the home office to the common coffee machine at the workplace. This article was first published at Lederweb. (in Danish only) […]

Empower the colleagues at the home office

Empowerment is the feeling of being on top! The experience of having the power to do something rather than nothing. You can empower employees and yourself with a few steps, and it starts with this pause for reflection. This blog is written for GAIS, so you can read the post via this link (In Danish):

Use joy as a catalyst for motivation!

When the motivation is present, we often do not experience it. Then emotions such as joy and excitement fill us. The absence of motivation in our lives is often the absence of a motive, goal, or meaning. It happens when we do not find joy in what we are or do. By looking at our […]

Personality tests – what can they be used for?

Personality tests do not provide the truth about a person. One test gives rise to curiosity on your partner. You can use a test to see how the test person navigates in a new context and interprets his or her own narrative. The test can get the narrative at the centre of your conversations. Optimize […]

In doubt? – take advantage of it

Are you in the middle of a paradox? A paradox where you, for example, have to deliver more with less, be self-leading and at the same time team-oriented or, where on the one hand you have to take care of the development, be the first on the market and on the other hand, do not […]

Rediscover recognition in collaboration

When employees are back at work after corona, it’s not like after a vacation where they need to be updated on each other’s travel memories. They come back with a turbulent time behind them and an uncertain time ahead of them. In order to succeed in the collaboration again, relations must be strengthened. Learn how […]

When change creates room for new opportunities

The current changes in society affect our perception of the time and opportunities within which we can choose. However, time is not an isolated point, but it is one entity of the past, present and future. Use this temporary melting pot to get to your core and as a leader create cohesion in what you […]