Does the task appear the same to all in the team?

You probably know it all too well. Your team has been tasked with implementing a new IT system in the organisation to ensure a better flow for the benefit of the customer and greater efficiency internally. Or you and your team of colleagues should reverse a negative development. What are you focusing on? What do the others see as the most important part of the assignment?

Most often, each member of a team has their own perspective on the task. Ask yourself what you first saw when you looked at the image for this post? The vase, the faces or maybe it all at once?

In the picture as in the examples of new assignments, there are many perspectives as to what we have in front of us. It can be rewarding with different perspectives when the goal is the same but understanding the goal of the task differently can have a negative dynamic into a team – and an entire organisation.

The task is only one-third of that good teamwork

The task is one of three important elements to work with and strengthen when a team needs to develop and be high performing. The other two are the relationships and learning.

The three elements are inseparable. Collaborating and supporting each other increases the team’s likelihood of achieving a given goal. At the same time, it becomes easier to learn from and with each other, just as the focus on the same goal makes it possible to see what competencies may be lacking in the team.

For example, if the relationships are not formed in a team or are negative, then you are at greater risk of not reaching your goal for the team.

Calibrate with each other

Before you and your team begin working in the next assignment, there are a few things you can do to achieve the goal successfully.

You can calibrate each other by making clear what you each see in relation to the task.

What is the goal?

How do we get there? How does the process look like?

Adjust how you can use each other best.

This can ensure the best learning in the team. Teams with a strong focus on learning through the tasks they solve increase the number of ideas for how new tasks can be handled smarter.

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