Coaching conversation

Room for development and achieving goals

Get new perspectives on your work and life by means of coaching conversation. Learn more about yourself, your values and ways of acting. Reach your goals and find ways to make your dreams come true. Whatever you want to achieve, I will help you the best way possible. Coaching gives you the opportunity to learn […]

  • In coaching, it is you who brings one or more themes and situations to the table. What you want to work on forms the basis of the conversation, which will typically run over three to five times as needed.

Your opportunities
  • Coaching conversations can help you find a good place to stand when you need to regain balance, make tough decisions, or make your dreams a reality.

Executive coaching

Find the strength of your leadership

Newly appointed manager or experienced, middle manager or CEO. Whoever you are, you will have the opportunity in a executive coaching session to strengthen your leadership, decision-making power and ability to navigate complex situations. You will get to know your strengths and gain an understanding of your limitations as well as potentials as a leader. […]

  • Through exercises, conversation and feedback, we develop your leadership style so that you stand stronger in the role of leader. It can be in relation to both short-term and long-term goals that you want to work with and achieve.

Your opportunities

  • You will have the opportunity to strengthen your leadership, your decision-making power and ability to navigate complex situations. While reflecting on your leadership values ​​and working on the way you use your leadership.

Team coaching

When the organisation needs to grow

Team coaching is relevant, when a group of people wants to achieve better results, solve a specific task or be creative. Then it is an advantage to work well as a team. A team must have the same view of the task, have good relationships and the ability to further develop together, to create good […]


  • In a team process, various tools are brought into play, where the team members are given the opportunity to get around e.g. thoughts, feelings and discourse. The whole person and the relationships between them are in focus.

Your opportunities

  • A course can help clarify what creates team cohesion and clarity in relation to the task. A common foundation to work from is strengthening the members and the team to achieve high performance.

Philosophical conversations

What is the significance of your values?

Throughout life, we find that different values ​​are important to us. The values ​​can become clear to us for a variety of reasons. Values ​​and concepts reflected upon in this confidential room can range from everyday events, decisions or events. They may have been formed over many years. The starting point is an open dialogue […]

  • Through philosophical conversations you will have the opportunity to find your values ​​and work with which meaning and importance they have to you. 

Your opportunities

  • Awareness of your values ​​can create a greater mental room and a better opportunity to increase your endurance in difficult situations and to clarify what is important to you.

Personality test

Create opportunities based in yourself

Are you mostly aware of challenges, or do you more often see the opportunities? Who in the team have the overview or can execute, while others get the good ideas? These are just some of the qualities that the Big5 personality test can help to clarify. Big5 is a normative test type and the golden […]


  • Big5 is a normative test type and the golden standard of personality psychology, which measures the person by five factors within which a person's personality varies.

Your opportunities

  • The test can be used by the individual to create new opportunities for themselves. Big5 can also be used in working with teams or for recruiting purposes.