Perform at your best every time
Performance foredrag præsentation speech

Is it part of your job to deliver a message – both the good and the serious – change an organization or otherwise bring you and your knowledge into play? Then a combined performance and coaching course can boost your performance and help you find the way to best reach your audience. Create effect.

It is different from person to person what makes us as individuals perform well. What prevents us from delivering a clear or complete presentation. We make use of both knowledge and exercises. Through this we find exactly what you have in terms of preferences, needs and strengths. You get to know the buttons where you can turn up and down to support your message.


First you get knowledge about your strengths and potentials. Next, you will have the opportunity to work with exactly what can develop you in the role of communicator and mediator. Through the process, you get help to find a mentally good place to stand when you need to give a message.

In a course with a focus on performance, we work in relation to the context in which you must communicate and enter dialogue. You get various tools to work with your communication and prepare for future situations where you need to perform.


Structure of the narrative

Should the crucial point be told from the beginning or kept to the last? Can your message be combined with a parallel narrative from people’s everyday lives? The actual material for your next performance may also be in focus. Here we work with the flow of the story, tension curves and engagement of the audience.


Body language and voice

Delivering good performance is closely linked to the use of body and voice. Is your posture dismissive or do you look like someone who wants to ask for permission? An insight into and awareness of the signals we send can support the message. The opposite can happen in nanoseconds. This is because the recipient can interpret what you are conveying in a completely wrong direction.

The intention of our message can also be obscured by, for example, a toneless voice or lack of pauses to digest what is presented. When the voice is used to weight the important and support the story, then the recipient’s focus is on the content of what you convey.


When we collaborate on performance, you get the opportunity to:

· Find out your strengths and potentials to use them in your communication and presentation (Read more: Coaching or Personality test
· Strengthen your conscious around and the use of your body language and voice guidance.
· Work with performance in teams and groups, to together increase the level of competence and become each other’s performance mentors (Read more: Team coaching)