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Facilitation is used here to describe several different approaches to using the other methods and tools from this site and my work. Facilitation is part of development courses for teams, courses in coaching and of course by hosting seminars, events, etc. Read more about this below.


Developing the team

When a team has to create good results, the task and the goal must be clear. That is why it is important to facilitate a process where everyone is on board. In such a process, the focus is on reaching goals at the same time as the participants have ownership of, for example, a new strategy or new method. The course is not the goal in itself. But a well-facilitated course kick-starts the process and ensures that the participants work further with the outcome.


A team moves between different phases of life. It ranges from an orientation phase, to a selection / conflict phase, over a phase where norms are formed into a performing phase. However, the phases are not linear. There can be times in any team when they move back and are in an earlier stage. They may need, for example, to clarify expectations and re-establish goals. A trip back can also be an opportunity to clarify and agree on what, for example, is a good framework for the collaboration.


Looking at where a team is in their development process provides an opportunity to focus on what the team wants to do together and achieve. At the same time, move away from the norm that has prevailed. When working with the team’s development, it becomes possible to create clarification about the often unspoken. It also provides the opportunity to have shared experiences under the skin, which makes a team much better able to work with e.g. strategic challenges later.


During a team’s development process, changes can occur. Here, we collaborate with the team on its experiences and storytelling, so that behavior and communication support the development.


Coaching courses

If you want to focus on, for example, management, personal leadership, motivation, well-being or communication among several of your colleagues and employees, then it can be done as a course. A course is adapted to your needs and wishes.

The different courses can be held for both small teams or larger groups. There will always be a focus on getting everyone involved.



Facilitation can also take place in connection with seminars, events and conferences. Whether you have two or more hundred participants, I have experience in arranging and hosting seminars, events and conferences.

I can gather the events and create the common thread, while the participants get something to work with and take home.


When we work together on facilitation, you get the opportunity to:

· Strengthen the understanding of dynamics in teams and create a breeding ground for learning and development (Read more: Team coaching)
· Combine a team development course with a work around the team’s stories about themselves or others (Read more: The organization’s narratives)
· Develop your toolbox in relation to leadership, well-being or communication in internal courses
· Get ​​professional help hosting everything from seminars to large events.