Do you want to work with your own way of delivering a message or how to implement, for example, a new process, create innovation or strengthen collaboration in your organization? The link between communication and coaching can help you achieve that. I can help you strengthen your communication performance, create constructive narratives, facilitate processes, hold seminars and courses that support the organization’s work, and strengthen the well-being through communication.


Is part of it your job to deliver a message, gather an organization or share your knowledge with others? Then a combined coaching and performance course can help you find the way you best reach your audience. And do it with energy and calmness.

With knowledge of your strengths and potentials, you will have the opportunity to work with exactly what makes you an even better performer. Through the process you get help finding a physically and mentally good place to be to deliver your message.

In a communication process, we work in relation to the context in which you or your team are to perform or have a dialogue. You will get various tools to work with communication and prepare you for future situations where you need to perform.

Bliv en bedre performer

The narrative of the organisation

Whether we feel that the stories in our organisation are constructive or challenging, we can work with different approaches to break or strengthen a prevailing narrative. This is done to support the work for which the organization is set in the world. A narrative that creates opportunities for action gives the people involved the opportunity for ownership and the desire to contribute to a common organisational goal.

Through various narrative methods and exercises, the participants gain experience with how, respectively a constructive and problematic narrative may look and how they can work towards a preferred narrative.


In order for a team to achieve good results, the task and the goal must be clear. Therefore, it is important to facilitate a process where everyone is on board. In such a course, the focus is on reaching the goals while the participants have ownership of, for example, the new strategy or a new working method. The process is not the goal, but a well-facilitated process kick-starts the process and ensures that the organisation continues to work with the result.

During a process, things can develop, and change occur. In these cases, we collaborate with the team around its experiences and narratives to make the communication best support the development of the workplace.

Facilitation can also take place in connection with seminars, events and conferences. Whether you have two or several hundred attendees, then I have experience organising and holding seminars, events and conferences. I can gather the events and create the red thread, while giving the participants something to work with and take home, so the team or organisation is moving forward effectively.

Job satisfaction and well-being

What is a good workplace? Internal communication supports the work of the organisation and the employees job satisfaction and well-being. Knowledge and tools that enable the individual to influence his or her everyday life can be crucial to the satisfaction.

Should your business develop your communication in relation to work environment or conducting a campaign for example, for increased safety or better ergonomics, then I can help you with communication advise as well as provide support for how to change behaviour.

When we collaborate around communication, you will be able to:

  • Strengthen communication related to change and development of the organisation
  • Further develop your communication as part of a coaching course (Read more: coaching LINK)
  • Shape a shared, constructive narrative with a team or whole organisation (Read more: team coaching)
  • Get professional help with organising everything from seminars to major events
  • Develop the communication supporting and strengthening the job satisfaction and well-being