Coaching conversation

Room for development and achieving goals

Get new perspectives on your work and life by means of coaching conversation. Learn more about yourself, your values and ways of acting. Reach your goals and find ways to make your dreams come true. Whatever you want to achieve, I will help you the best way possible.

Coaching gives you the opportunity to learn various tools to understand experiences. Furthermore, it prepares you for future situations where you want to act in a new way. During our dialogue, we will be able to work with thoughts, feelings and look at which patterns are at stake for you. Coaching conversations can help you find a good place to be when you need to regain balance and e.g. make good decisions. Coacing can help you make dreams come true and make them manageable goals you can achieve.

In coaching, it is you who brings one or more themes and situations to the table. What you want to work on forms the basis of the conversation, which will typically run over three to five times as needed. Together, we will look at your theme from different angles so that you gain a broader perspective and you gain more nuances and greater insight.

When you choose a coaching course, you are given time to reflect about the topics you are discussing, while also giving you the opportunity for qualified sparring to:

  • Open to new perspectives and opportunities
  • Strengthen your gaze on the situations and patterns that you enter into, and thus your opportunities for action
  • Turn life’s big questions into a confidential space (Read more: Philosophical Conversations)
  • Gain new insights into your personality traits (Read more: Personality tests)