Energy is the driving force behind every decision and action

If the headline statement holds water, which kind of energy are we then talking about? Who has the key to start the engine behind the driving force?

To make out the answer, let’s first go back a little to look at the origin of the word energy.

Back in ancient Greece, the word energy has used in the sense of activity. When we look at the Greek word, it turns out that energy is closely related to the word work. The correlation is that ‘enérgeia’ means activity, which comes from ‘energós’, which is active, and finally ‘ergon’, which means to work or put into action.

It has led to energy being seen as the foundation, as the driving force and the fuel behind every decision and action that we humans make.

Energy that gives and takes

Today, if we look at the relationship both with the word and the concept of energy, then energy and work remain closely linked.

Energy is seen in our society as a resource. To be energetic is to have an urge to do – we put something into action. However, energy is not exclusively positive as it can also be described as a negative energy in the relationship between, for example, two people or teams. But it is still an energy that can influence decisions and actions.

We often talk about energy as a material thing that comes and goes, has an influence and an effect as well as something that can be shared with others. In fact, the energy can also come from things. Who has not heard a colleague – or yourself say – how cool it is to master a new IT system or how smart an app is?

We are affected and can be energised or drained of energy.

Find your own energy

It seems to be a fact that it takes energy to make decisions and act. But nowhere is written what the personal energy consists of or where it comes from. It is unique to each of us.

It is up to us to find what drives our engine. It is our freedom to find and choose our own energy source to make decisions and act.
What energy nourishes us can become clearer when we examine the following questions:

Where does your energy come from? When do you experience having a lot of energy?

What is the quality of an energy? Are there different qualities?

Where do I find my energy works best?

What role does the energy play in your actions and decisions?

If you want to find your energy and how you use it, you can contact me to hear more.

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