Personality tests – what can they be used for?

Personality tests do not provide the truth about a person. One test gives rise to curiosity on your partner. You can use a test to see how the test person navigates in a new context and interprets his or her own narrative. The test can get the narrative at the centre of your conversations. Optimize […]

In doubt? – take advantage of it

Are you in the middle of a paradox? A paradox where you, for example, have to deliver more with less, be self-leading and at the same time team-oriented or, where on the one hand you have to take care of the development, be the first on the market and on the other hand, do not […]

Rediscover recognition in collaboration

When employees are back at work after corona, it’s not like after a vacation where they need to be updated on each other’s travel memories. They come back with a turbulent time behind them and an uncertain time ahead of them. In order to succeed in the collaboration again, relations must be strengthened. Learn how […]

When change creates room for new opportunities

The current changes in society affect our perception of the time and opportunities within which we can choose. However, time is not an isolated point, but it is one entity of the past, present and future. Use this temporary melting pot to get to your core and as a leader create cohesion in what you […]

How do you choose freedom?

Just close your eyes for a moment and go back to the time when you last experienced a dizziness, an inner almost demonic battle in the choice between two paths? Maybe you were facing the choice between a current job or jumping into something new. Maybe you should choose between developing or executing an employee. […]